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Corporate Golf Wellness
Corporate Golf Wellness, LLC   1-800-506-8680                  
​Employee health care costs along with other company benefits continue to rise.  To help offset these rising costs, we have developed a program of golf instruction that will help raise the level of awareness of your current company Health and Wellness Program.  

As our name implies, Corporate Golf Wellness connects to your employees through golf instruction at your facility to engage them in a healthy activity that they can enjoy for a lifetime with family and friends.  Our program works with all levels of golfers.

Our program reinforces the benefits of healthy activities and promotes a healthy lifestyle, thereby reducing overall health costs.  The concern of rising healthcare costs and the importance of corporate wellness have been acknowledged by the companies we work with. 

The company DOES NOT PAY for our program.  We provide the instruction to your employees at NO COST to the company (each employee who participate pays their own way).  We do ask for a small space inside the company to provide for indoor training.

​Corporate Golf Wellness brings the teaching right into your company, bringing maximum visibility to your current health and wellness programs.  We especially attract employees who:

  • Have never had the time to learn
  • Thought lessons would be too expensive
  • Do not want to drive somewhere to take lessons
  • Did not know where to contact a Golf Pro for lessons

We manage the whole Golf Wellness Program for you, adding value to your company wellness program with little effort and no cost to your company.   We set up the scheduling of lessons, nets and hitting mats, provide the clubs and everything that is necessary for the program.
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"Golf is a great sport for your own well-being and fitness as well as a way to do things with your family."Mike McCalister, CEO Humana, Golf World Magazine
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